Vision and mission

Mosaïek is a contemplative, missional faith community. This description brings the following aspects into focus namely:

  • the Contemplative dimension
  • a Faith-community
  • Missional living

Thus any training model at Mosaiek is presented in such a framework and therefore is regarded as a process of equipping people that ultimately leads to transformation, whilst simultaneously taking place within a faith community with a focus on the world.
The Academi strives to present theologically founded (or Bible-based) learning experiences through a holistic process that integrates and contextualise all the spiritual, rational and practical elements that will enable students to live with purpose. 
Our main goal is:

  • To develop and implement a training model that is theologically founded on the Bible and presented in a holistic, integrated, contextual and practical way.

Secondary goals include the following:

  • To present courses that address the specific needs of people who follow of Jesus Christ.
  • To equip students so that they are able to embrace their calling.
  • To establish Christian values within people’s lives.
  • To integrate personal growth and spirituality with healthy theology thereby enhancing the student’s relationship with God.
  • To practice theology by discerning, studying the Word and exploring context, all within a faith community framework.
  • To guide students towards making a difference in their community.

 Training outcomes:

  • Mosaïek Academi has implemented a holistic approach to training. This means that your theological studies will not only be a cognitive exercise, but will also be integrated with spiritual, practical and physical components. It will be a whole-person learning experience.
  • Integration. The different elements of the training will not take place in isolation. Rather all facets will be connected, in an interdisciplinary way in order to better understand the bigger picture.
  • Context analysis. This means that your context is applied to learning methodologies.
  • The training is built on a strong theological foundation underpins all practical skills development. The objective is not to only gain knowledge, but also to equip students with skills that enable them to apply the Bible and theological knowledge to contemporary situations.
  • Thus students are given practical skills that will help them to function more effectively in their particular area of ministry. Distance learning is integrated with regular face-to-face interactive opportunities between students and lecturers that promote exposure to practical theology.  
  • The Mosaïek Academi is missionally focused and therefore each subject area stands in the service of the missiological command to the Church. 
  • The Mosaïek Academi will help to develop the character and spirituality of its students. The environment in which the church functions is becoming more and more hostile towards it. In a time of stress and challenges, ministers and congregation members must be prepared to not only survive spiritually, but to flourish – to help students grow toward wholeness in their humanity.
  • The Mosaïek Academi also guides students through a process of discovering their gifts and ministry employing a number of measurement tools to further assist students to reach their full potential in ministry. 
  • Technological resources are utilised in order to enhance the overall training experience.
  • The Mosaïek Academi is ecumenical in its approach and therefore students from any church background are welcome to register.