Dr Johan Geyser

Johan Geyser is a dedicated husband, father, teacher and leader. As Cultural Architect at Mosaïek since 1987 he continually facilitates the process of clarifying who Mosaïek as a community is in the opportunities that God presses on their hearts, and what God wants to do within that community, all within a context of growing closer to God, others around them and making a difference.

In striving to find balance between ancient and current practices, Johan pursues the monastic life, regularly incorporating practices such as retreats into his regula. At the same time, he believes the core of reality is relational experiences. Trying to approach life with a mature consciousness, he pursues an integral life where every aspect of being human is taken into account.

Johan’s down-to-earth and pragmatic approach inspires others to join the pursuit of living soulfully. He is an avid learner and apart from earning doctorates in both Theology and Educational Psychology, he is currently busy with research in Spirituality. He also served as lecturer at various universities over the years.

Johan married his high school sweetheart, Wilma, who shares Johan’s passions by serving as Potential Coach at Mosaïek. They have a son, Remon who is married to Helene. One of Johan’s favorite pastimes is spending time on a bicycle, both competitively and leisurely.