Dr Gert Basson

Gert was born in Upington, in the Northern Cape. He matriculated at Duineveld High School in Upington in 1974. He studied at Auckland Park Theological Seminary and completed his Diploma in Theology in 1980. He was ordained in April 1982 as a Pastor. Since then he also studied at UNISA, Fuller Theological Seminary in the USA and the University of Johannesburg. He completed the degrees, BTH, BTH Hon., MTH, DTH, and D.ED at UNISA and UJ, respectively. Presently, he is working on a PhD at the University of NorthWest.

Gert is married to Jeanetta and has four children, namely Melinda (27), Charmaine (24), Nico (22) and Gary (10). He enjoys travelling and loves to be in nature. He feels that nature nurtures him! His hobby is to renovate old, neglected houses.

At Mosaiek he is the Leader of Missional Impact. He focuses on establishing churches in disadvantaged communities. Since 2011 he has been working in seven other African countries with the intent of developing leaders and planting new churches.